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Need help with the tplink extender setup? Not sure how to setup tplink extender using the web address You can get all your queries resolved relating tplink extender using this article.

Tp-Link extender gives strength to your router by expanding and boosting the wifi signals to the larger area. It covers the maximum area of your smart home. It helps you get rid of dead spots completely from your place. A user can make use of to attempt the tplink extender setup. A setup process can also be done using the IP address You would be required to enter the tplink extender default login credentials to access the web management page.

How to Setup Tp Link Extender?

To set up tp link extender, it is important to get into login panel by using the default domain You can set up tp link extender manually or using the WPS method. We will provide the tp link extender instructions for both the methods in this article. If you encounter any issues while configuring your extender, you can call us on our toll-free number.

Refer to the following mentioned Tplink Extender Setup Instructions

Manual method (

You need to begin by unpacking your tplink repeater and then connecting it to the power source. Make sure you place your tplink extender near to your router for the installation process.

You need to connect your computer to the tplink network. To do that, you can take an ethernet cable and connect it one end to the computer. Connect the second end of the cable to the tplink extender. You can even use a wireless method for connecting to the tplink network.

Thereafter, you need to get into a browser and onto its address bar type web address. This will redirect you to the tplink repeater login page. You need to provide the login credentials here.

You can find the default login details on the back side of your extender. Fill in the required columns by using those default credentials. Once you’ve entered the details, you need to click on the ‘Login’ button.

This will open the tplink extender setup wizard. Click on the ‘Scan now’ option to find the available wireless network. The list of nearby networks will appear on the screen. Locate and click on your home network. You would be asked to enter the wireless passkey of your home network. Repeat the process for 5 GHz band network.

Next, you need to configure and manage the wireless settings of the tplink extender. Provide a wireless network name and password to the tplink network. Click on the ‘Save’ to apply the settings.

WPS Method

Another method for tplink extender setup is WPS method i.e. Wi-Fi Protected setup. Read the following tp link extender setup instructions to understand how to setup tp link extender.

Place the tp link extender in close proximity to your wireless router for the installation process. Plug the power adapter of the extender into the wall outlet. Wait for the extender to boot up.

Press the WPS button on the tplink extender. Press the WPS button on the router after two minutes. You will see that the lights on both the device will start blinking. Once the connection if formed, LED will stop blinking and get back to solid.

After this, you can unplug your tplink extender and place it in a midway between the router and the area with wifi dead zone.

This was all about how to setup tplink extender. If you need help during the installation and configuration of tp link extender, you can give us a call on our toll free number. Our team of experts are available round clock to help you with tplink extender setup.